Bloomsbury Festival

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IP CenSes at the Bloomsbury Festival 2013: 18 and 19 Oct


October 27, 2013


Friday 18 October, 4.30-6.30pm
Room 349, Senate House, WC1
Lecture: The Art of Surgery
Roger Kneebone (Prof Surgical Education, Imperial College)

The Art of Surgery is a lecture by Roger Kneebone, who frames surgery as a profession that is also a craft and a performance. Roger explores parallels between realms of expertise that may at first appear unconnected, challenging preconceptions about boundaries between disciplines. Theatre Director Rachel Warr with puppeteers Matt Hutchinson, Cass Gastaldon and Fagner Gastaldon, will demonstrate and discuss elements of Bunraku puppetry technique. This work forms part of a collaboration with Professor Kneebone, exploring parallels between the working practices of surgeons and puppeteers.

The Lecture, as part of the Bloomsbury Festival, is held to accompany a series of performances taking place at The Place Theatre in collaboration with Sudhana Dance. Performances of ‘Under My Skin’ take place at 8pm on 18 and 19 Oct – moreinformation. Free performances of Surgical Simulations will take place during the day