PuppetSoup’s team trained at some of the world’s leading universities and drama schools and we want to pass on our skills and knowledge through workshops and shows.

Core Team 

Our team come together under the banner of PuppetSoup and work across  our specialisms to create work that is truly collaborative.

Below are some of the talented people who collaborate under the banner of PuppetSoup.

Fagner Gastaldon – Founder, Puppeteer, Director

Originally from Brazil but settled in the UK, Fagner has been involved with puppetry for around fifteen years. His passion for puppetry developed as a child in Brazil where puppetry is a commonplace art form considered  to be for adults and children alike. Whilst studying a degree in psychology Fagner began clowning and puppeteering for children in hospitals and decided then to pursue his passion for puppets full time. Since then Fagner has worked with many companies both in Brazil and the UK, toured internationally and built, created and performed much of his own work.

Fagner founded PuppetSoup in order to create unique and beautiful puppetry that inspires audiences.  He specialises in making puppets and performing Teatro Lambe Lambe (Puppet box theatre), glove puppetry and table top theatre as well as being an accomplished mask performer.  Fagner is Puppetry Director and the primary workshop leader of PuppetSoup.

Fagner trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, Little Angel Theatre and through workshops with master puppeteers including John Roberts and Christopher Leith.  Fagner is currently researching Applied Theatre at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama at Masters level and hopes to one day progress to gaining his PhD.

Fagner puppeteered for the Off West End Award winning Puppet Opera Triple Bill, has taught surgeons puppetry techniques as St Mary’s Hospital London and collaborated with the NHS to create ‘Fix Freddie!’ – an award winning show to engage communities with Health Care. He is a multi award winning puppeteer who is has created, devised and built all of PuppetSoup’s main work including the 5***** show ‘Land of the Dragon – Gwlad y ddraig’, ‘The Memory Keeper’ for the RSPB, ‘Fix Freddie!’ for the NHS, ‘Jack’ a new comedy for 2016 and he is currently working on ‘Arthur the Bear King’ for tour in 2017.

Fagner is committed to teaching puppetry to as wide a variety of people as possible and making puppetry for everyone.

Cass Gastaldon – Manager, administrator, producer

A co-founder of PuppetSoup, Cass is from Wales and has been involved in making puppets and puppetry for many years. She has had a life long passion for theatre, performance and making dolls and puppets.

It was Cass’s passion for her homeland of Wales that brought about the concept for ‘Land of the Dragon – Gwlad y Ddraig’ and her experience within events production that has pushed the vision forward into the show it has now become.

Cass is herself an accomplished puppeteer performing in Land of the Dragon amongst many other award winning and experimental shows such as ‘Fix Freddie’, ‘The Puppet Opera Triple Bill’, The Puppet Leider, ‘The Castle and the Witch’s Gold’ and ‘The Cauldron of Ceridwen’. Cass trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London and has a particular interest in using puppetry for social and community benefit. She is an experienced teacher and workshop facilitator in addition to having performed with a wide variety of puppet and object related medium. Cass is currently establishing a venue in Wales and is interested in management, production and the creation of commercial puppetry which has a community benefit.

Richard Semmens

Richard has worked extensively in IT and has won awards for his work within computing. Richard felt that his skills were highly transferable and whilst still working for a leading tech company in the day, Richard now pursues theatre production as his passion.  Richard has produced Land of the Dragon, Cauldron of Ceridwen and is working on Arthur – The Bear King.

Current Collaborators


Daniel Balfour – Sound Designer
Naomi Doyle – Actress


Our special thanks go out to our past collaborators and colleagues :

Dr Cariad Astles – Director, Head of Puppetry at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Dr Francesca Cleugh – Consultant Paediatrician at St Mary’s London – Lead collaborator on ‘Fix Freddie’.

Darren East – Puppeteer, Director

Rachel Warr – Dramaturg and Director

Guilherme Peixoto – Master Puppeteer, director

Monica Longo – Director, producer, puppeteer

Paulo Nazareno – Puppeteer and puppet maker

Natalie Wilson – Scenic Artist (created the outer casing of the large opening tree featured in Land of the Dragon)

Dr Gwilym Morus – Acclaimed musician and expert in Welsh mythology (collaborted on Land of the Dragon) – Please visit his websites at www.mwncinel.com and www.welshmythology.com

Professor Roger Kneebone

Ted Beresford

Sam Conor Smith  – Sound Design (Land of the Dragon)

Heledd Gwynn – Performer (Land of the Dragon)

Alida Bratinger Costume Designer (Fix Freddie)

Annalisa Spezzacatene – Costume Designer (Land of the Dragon)