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Church in Wales

Working with The Church in Wales

PuppetSoup were very lucky to meet Reverend Christopher Bowler in 2015 who is based in the Vale of Gwyrne, Powys.  Chris is a great supporter of the arts and enjoys puppetry and puppeteering. He began developing an ongoing collaboration and relationship with PuppetSoup that has benefitted PuppetSoup enormously and also benefited his local community and Parish.

Projects together have included developing shows together, working on a regular basis with the local children to make puppets, working on the Gwanwyn project for people of older ages and kindly providing space for PuppetSoup to trial performances and do rehearsals.


Whilst developing the show ‘Jack!’ PuppetSoup benefited from space within the local community to rehearse and do trial performances.  It was actually through Reverend Chris that PuppetSoup got the inspiration to make the show as he introduced us to the local pub landlord, George, of the Dragon’s Head Inn, Llangenny who supplied PuppetSoup with an old set of puppets from Jack and the Beanstalk which inspired PuppetSoup to make their show ‘Jack’.

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