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FEEDBACK DAY for the new puppet theatre show 'Arthur the Bear King' : BLOG POST BY TAMAR

My final day on R&D for Arthur the Bear King saw us visiting Llanfoist Primary School once more. We took some puppets from the show to pass around in assembly, and asked for further feedback from the pupils following their visit yesterday. We asked them for some more detailed feedback and suggestions for the story e.g. What do you think happens to the bear next? What would you have us change/adapt when it comes to the puppets? Do you have any feedback about the lighting and sound that you saw during the showing?

My favourite moment was when a small boy, who had been involved in a set tour for a previous production of Land of the Dragon at the school, suggested we use a gobo to produce the effect of leaves on the stage for a forest feel – it was heartening to see that Chris’s technical tours have been so memorable!

A lot of pupils were also really interested in Merlin’s staff, how it can light up and glow, and the way it has been designed. Many of them also got a chance to manipulate the puppets.

So that’s it for me for now! It’s time to gather together all the diverse strands of puppetry, set, sound, storytelling and plot research that we have done over the past few weeks, and see where it goes next. It’s been a huge privilege to work on this project and to have time to explore and experiment. While we still have a long way to go before we find the show we want to make, I think it’s been a hugely beneficial process for all of us. On a personal level, I’ve done some intensive mask work, explored plotting a show from nothing except extensive research and piles of books, and developed bilingual rhyming storytelling. I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Diolch o galon i bawb ddaeth i’r perfformiad ddoe. Thank you so much to everyone who came to our showing yesterday.

Hwyl fawr!

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