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Interview with Ismine Lima co creator of Teatro Lambe Lambe

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

PuppetSoup are the leading performers and teachers of Lambe Lambe (theatre for one) in the UK. Puppetry director Fagner Gastaldon was in the first wave of performers of this puppetry movement in the South of Brazil over twenty years ago and he has extensive practical and academic knowledge about Lambe Lambe Theatre. He has been performing Teatro Lambe Lambe in the UK for about a decade and for over twenty years in total. He is uniquely placed to offer insights into this amazing artform as he is not only a long time performer of Lambe Lambe, but is one of the only fluent English speaking performers of the artform who was part of the first wave of Lambe Lambe in the South of Brazil. Fagner has dedicated years to researching, performing and teaching Teatro Lambe Lambe.

These miniature forms of puppetry are captivating and enthralling allowing performers and audience members to experience quality puppetry on a small scale.

If you would like to undertake a course or workshop in Teatro Lambe Lambe and create your own miniature theatre with fully working puppets, sets, lights and soundtrack please do consider one of our courses in our 'workshops' pages or visit which is our dedicated puppetry school website.

Find out more about 'Teatro Lambe Lambe' from one of the creators of this form of theatre, Ismine Lima in this interview which Fagner has subtitled into English to help you find out more about this puppetry movement for those who cannot understand Brazilian Portuguese.

Interview with Ismine Lima co creator of Teatro Lambe Lambe ( english subtitles )

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