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Puppet Performance and Manipulation - One day intensive workshop This course will take place at The

Begin a fascinating journey of exploration of the anima of objects and puppets and gain a deeper understanding of the puppet / puppeteer relationship in this exciting and intensive one day workshop.

You will examine in depth through workshop activities and group work, how the art of puppetry works in performance and how you too, can gain a greater understanding of the life inside an object, its ‘anima’ and how to successfully share this with both yourself and an audience.

Through this engaging performance based workshop you will spend the day learning and mastering the underpinning techniques and principles of puppetry performance and manipulation. These techniques can be utilised across all forms of puppetry and are essential skills for truly successful presentation of puppetry and object theatre.

You will be presented with theories and challenges in puppetry and encouraged to broaden your mind about puppetry, object theatre and performance and the puppeteer’s relationship with objects.

You will be given practical guidance on how to learn notions of performance in your own body and discover how to translate these into the object.

Together we will study the uncanny power of the puppet and the mechanisms the performer needs to know to truly bring an object to life.

The are still couple of places available for this course if you like to join please contact us.

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