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Create a beautiful miniature handcrafted animal puppet this winter, to be a cute companion for the colder months or to give as a gift over Christmas and the Holiday Season!

Join award-winning Brazilian puppeteer and maker, Fagner Gastaldon the Founder of PuppetSoup, to create your very own miniature four legged friend in this inspiring live online puppet making course.

Fagner Gastaldon is the UK’s leading practitioner of Teatro Lambe Lambe Brazilian Micro-Puppet Theatre and a highly experienced puppet maker and teacher up to postgraduate level. With his extensive experience in creating miniature puppets and running exciting live online courses, you can be sure you will be guided through the creation of your own animal character by an experienced and knowledgeable tutor. 

Our online classes are informative, fun and welcoming, with people of all abilities and from all around the world joining in to experience the joy of connecting with others through learning puppetry.

What you will learn and do:

In this exciting three session online course for adults, you will learn the process of puppet design and then develop the skills to confidently make a beautifully crafted miniature puppet.  You will be guided to expand your puppet making techniques to discover ways of building four legged animal rod puppets, all in a fantastically portable, pocket-sized scale!

This innovative puppet making workshop has been created so that both beginners and experienced puppetry practitioners and enthusiasts from around the world can come together, live online in a small, exclusive group to create a wonderful miniature puppet, guided by an expert in the miniature puppetry field.

All levels from complete beginners to professional puppet makers are able to participate and achieve the creation of a brilliant puppet character.

Skills you will learn on the course:

  • How to design a small scale animal puppet

  • Puppet construction and making techniques

  • How to take your design from paper to turn it into a finished product

  • Skills to ensure safety in a workshop environment

  • Safe use of tools

  • Guidance on use of tools

Bunny puppet.jpg

This course allows you to make a uniquely crafted animal puppet suitable for small-scale puppetry performances, Teatro Lambe Lambe Puppet Theatres or as a wonderful gift or item to cherish.

If you are giving this puppet as a handcrafted gift for Christmas or the Holidays, imagine the delight of your recipient to receive a tiny companion that can ignite your imagination and join you all for the festivities!

This online puppetry workshop can also be given as a present to the puppet enthusiast in your life as a very special and highly unique 'experience gift'. We are happy to supply a lovely gift certificate on request and will give a warm welcome to the person you are gifting the course to! 

When booking is completed you will receive a detailed welcome letter including the materials and simple tools list. A new Zoom link will be sent to you each day of the course and your tutor will be available to contact in case you need additional help throughout the course.

Please click 'book now' to request a simple booking form or to ask any questions you may have. You can also email us at if you prefer.

The course cost is £95 (GBP) per person for the three day group course. Materials and tools are not provided as the course is delivered online, but you will be provided with a welcome letter, tools list and materials list in advance, as well as reading materials through the course. The course is delivered live online and will include a range of learning styles to ensure you don’t get screen fatigue!


The numbers for this course are strictly limited to ensure all students get satisfactory tuition and plenty of personal guidance to make the best miniature puppet they can. This is a friendly, informative course where you will learn from an expert tutor and be welcomed into the wonderful Puppetry world.


Your details will only be stored and utilised for the duration of the course and contact will only be made with you in regards to details of the course.


We look forward to welcoming you.

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