PuppetSoup is a five star multi award winning Wales based theatre company that creates

‘Puppetry. For everyone’. 

We make shows for large and small theatres, schools, community spaces, rural venues and festivals.  

We teach puppetry and offer professional workshops to schools, groups and individuals.

We have a dedicated Puppetry Courses website at www.puppetrycourses.com .

Booking a show or workshop is easy just send us an email and we will organise everything you need or answer any questions you have.

PuppetSoup are based in Wales but we are available for bookings across the UK. We are fully insured and enhanced DBS checked.



We aim to promote puppetry, broaden the audience of puppet theatre and benefit the community through quality arts experiences.


PuppetSoup have collaborated with and represented major organisations including the NHS, the RSPB, Gwent Police, Connecting Care for Children and The Arts Council of Wales in addition to working with other theatre companies, schools, communities and individuals. 

The primary focus of our work is to make theatre that is universal.heron

PuppetSoup create visual and plurilingual bodies of work and offer diverse learning opportunities and workshops for all ages.

You will find members of PuppetSoup performing and teaching in large and small theatres, halls, schools, hospitals, traveller sites, inner city council estates and as far away as the favelas in Brazil.



We take puppetry everywhere because we believe everyone deserves to be an audience member.  



We believe that high quality, surprising, engaging, fun and occasionally challenging puppetry should be for everyone.

If you would like to book a show, workshop or collaborate with us then get in touch by emailing us at [email protected]!