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Book a show or workshop from PuppetSoup!
If you would like to book one of PuppetSoup's shows or workshops please get in touch via email if possible.


We are available for theatres, schools, community centres and national and rural touring. We also offer online and face to face puppet making and performance courses.


We are very familiar with school, theatre and rural settings and highly experienced in providing fully equipped shows which come with all lights, sound and staff to work them.


We bring our own cast and crew to all events to ensure the smooth running of our shows.


PuppetSoup are experienced workshop providers and can provide a workshop before or after the show as required.

You can also book puppetry workshops, courses, classes and lessons both online or face to face without booking a show. Please do have a look at our workshops pages for more information.

Within Wales we are available to come to your venue via the Night Out Scheme.

All the team at PuppetSoup looks forward to bringing the art of Puppetry to your venue or to meeting you at one of our courses!

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