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Cat Town

A show about difference

'Cat Town' 

A show about difference.

A magical and moving piece of puppet theatre for ages 7-13 helping young people discuss the subject of difference.


'Cat Town'

A magical and moving piece of puppet theatre created with Gwent Police and Monmouthshire County Council for schools during Hate Crime Awareness month.

This very special piece of puppetry, clowning and theatre performance sensitively highlights the subject of 'difference' in a poetic and moving way for ages 7 - 13. 

Follow the adventures of a dog called Benji in a town full of Cats. Discover what it is like to be perceived as different, experience how it feels when people act on those differences and see how one person's voice can raise itself up to make a change for the better.

Highly commended by the Police, teachers and local councils this show is a fantastic way to broach difficult subjects in a safe environment. This show opens up a genuine discussion, promotes empathy and broaches subjects such as disability, race, sexual orientation and gender in a child friendly way using the semiotics of cats and dogs and their inherent differences.

Suitable for children ages 7-13 in schools, libraries or similar environments.

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