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Gwanwyn Project

Gwanwyn Project

Gwanywn was a short project that PuppetSoup provided over two weekends in The Vale of Gwyrne to offer people of older ages an opportunity to learn about puppetry, have a go at some techniques of puppet making and meet each other in the community.


Over two weekends, with plenty of tea and cake, PuppetSoup offered the chance to examine and have a go with some of our puppets, learn some puppet making techniques and also access the Vale of Gwyrne historical records to help engage locals with their history and meet up with each other.


The community benefited from having access to their local halls, having the chance to engage with arts and crafts and also had the opportunity to meet with each other and discuss their shared history.

This project was kindly supported by The Gwanwyn Project and the Arts Council of Wales.

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