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Projects with Rural Communities

Projects with Rural Communities

PuppetSoup have worked extensively in rural areas of Wales and toured across the UK with our theatre and puppetry shows on rural touring programmes.


PuppetSoup passionately believes that access to the arts should be equal in rural areas to urban settings.


Through our extensive programme of rural touring across the UK and engaging with rural schools in Wales, we have been able to take puppetry to a wide variety of communities and young people, regardless of their location.

Through projects such as Gwanwyn, our school collaborations, our regular rural school workshops and engaging with organisations such as The Arts Council Wales and The Church of Wales we are proud to support our rural communities to have arts in their location.


PuppetSoup are always open to collaborations in rural areas.  If you have an idea for your rural community that you would like to make happen please do get in touch to see how we can keep making ‘Puppetry. For Everyone’.

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