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Teatro Lambe Lambe Puppetry Courses and Scholarships

Teatro Lambe Lambe Puppetry Courses and Scholarships

In August 2020 Fagner Gastaldon, the Director and Founder of PuppetSoup gave a virtual lecture and workshop at the National Capital Puppetry Guilld’s amazing online puppetry festival about the Brazilian artform of Teatro Lambe Lambe puppetry. 


This lecture led to an exciting partnership between PuppetSoup and The National Capital Puppetry Guild in the USA, to offer scholarships to enhance diversity and broaden the reach of Teatro Lambe Lambe.

The festival was attended by hundreds of people from all over the world including members of the National Capital Puppetry Guild (NCPG) and the broader puppetry community.


Fagner is originally from Brazil, though has lived in Wales for over fifteen years. Teatro Lambe Lambe was one of the first forms of puppetry that Fagner performed in Brazil in the early 2000’s and he was one of the Lambe Lambe performers that was the in the first wave of the artistic movement in the South of Brazil.


Teatro Lambe Lambe began in 1989 when it was created by the artists Ismine Lima and Denise Di Santos in Brazil.  The form of theatre has grown extensively in Brazil and South America and is well known as ‘Teatro Lambe Lambe’. Possibly because of language and cultural barriers, the form of theatre is not practiced extensively or widely recognised in English speaking communities and PuppetSoup aims to change this.

Fagner has been running an annual Teatro Lambe Lambe course for several years through Brighton Puppetry School and this year Fagner delivered the first online course for Brighton Puppetry School due to the pandemic. The course was a success and attendees from the UK really enjoyed the course.


The talk for the NCPG puppetry festival was received with great enthusiasm and much curiosity for this unique form of puppet theatre. PuppetSoup thought it would be great to offer an online course with timings suitable for people in the USA, Canada and beyond to learn about Teatro Lambe Lambe. 


Puppetsoup contacted the NCPG as we thought it would also be a great idea to offer scholarship places on the course to enhance diversity and offer opportunities to people who may not otherwise be able to attend a puppetry course. 

The NCPG kindly offered to partner with PuppetSoup to independently administer and adjudicate Teatro Lambe Lambe puppetry scholarships, and so the first scholarships were offered in October 2020!


The NCPG have been the most amazing and supportive Puppetry Guild in both their partnership and their reach.


They are an innovative, supportive and outward looking Puppetry Guild who genuinely support their members and offer creative opportunities through many routes. PuppetSoup are proud to be partnering with the NCPG to continue to offer scholarship places on courses, and are also proud to now be members of the National Capital Puppetry Guild which have accepted our membership as international members.


To find out more about the amazing National Capital Puppetry Guild please visit:


To join the NCPG is currently only $20 per year and they offer a wide variety of activities, talks, supportive opportunities, meetings, makeathons, puppetry ‘slams’, their annual Puppetry Festival and of course, Teatro Lambe Lambe Scholarships!


We highly recommend joining their Guild and thank them so much for their partnership and opportunity to take Teatro Lambe Lambe to a broader range of people and enhance knowledge about this special form of theatre.


If you would like to take a Teatro Lambe Lambe course please visit our workshops page to find out more!

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