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Scouts workshops in the UK and Brazil
Scouts workshops in the UK and Brazil

As a multilingual company, PuppetSoup were delighted to be able to offer puppetry workshops in Brazil to a group of scouts who include many young people from the more challenging background of the Favelas.


PuppetSoup attended Scout meetings and delivered puppet making and manipulation workshops in Portuguese to young people. By using recycled materials rather than store bought materials the workshop was accessible to young people of all backgrounds.

IMG_20161107_162215 (1).jpg

The Scouts were very excited to have people from the UK offering workshops as many had not met anyone from another country before.  The focus of the workshops was to create performable puppets and to learn new making and craft skills.  The outcomes were very positive as all children were equally able to participate and achieve a puppet made from their own resources regardless of their background.


PuppetSoup have also provided workshops for the Scouts in the UK.  We have offered workshops including a play in a day, puppet making and performance skills 



If you would be interested in a workshop or class for your Scout group please do get in touch.  Puppetry is a very creative and craft based skill that enhances confidence and benefits the young people that take part.

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