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A miniature trick marionette show

C'est La Vie

C'est La Vie


A unique piece of 'Teatro Lambe Lambe' or 'Theatre for one' micro puppetry.

A spooky miniature puppet show with trick marionettes!


'C'est La Vie'

Teatro Lambe Lambe is a Brazilian technique of micro puppet theatre where one or two audience members view this spooky but funny micro puppet show at a time. 

This beautifully crafted little puppet box is suitable for events, festivals and special occasions. One or two lucky audience members at a time will see the enchanting story of our skeleton puppet come to life and perform his special tricks.

The miniature puppet is brought to life with a spooky soundtrack in a show that will delight and entertain. The small box is a miniature theatre space with lights and a beautiful set and each show lasts just three minutes allowing all your guests to enjoy the show through the event or day.

If you would like find out more about more about the wonderful art of 'Teatro Lambe lambe' and more about our micro puppet theatre shows then please visit our dedicated 'Lambe Lambe' page.

For children, families and kids of all ages!

C'est la Vie

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