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From the great Mabinogion myths of mediaeval Wales comes an enthralling tale of battles between huge red and white dragons, a white snake attacking the red dragon's egg, a brave queen and a boy in a boat becoming an old man dedicated to befriending dragons, and his faithful dog ever protective of the mysterious egg.


Sweeping over years and across magical landscapes, this enthralling epic reaches wonderful denouement.

Narrating and singing in English and Welsh, the very talented PuppetSoup cast conjure the legend in utterly engaging fashion, heightening the dialogue by deploying with great dexterity and sensitive skill a delightful range of hand and stick puppets.


From great red and white dragons with ominously flapping wings, and rope snake slithering menacingly, to maxi and mini versions of man and dog, white-robed queen, crowing cockerel and a very lifelike sheep, all are most finely crafted: congratulations to Ana Maio, Annalisa Spezzacatene and everyone else involved in their creation.

Puppeteer-storytellers Cass Gastaldon and Heledd Gwynn sustain the magic, spendidly complemented by Fagner Gastaldon and Anna Galek as puppeteers and in a various roles.


Sam Conor Smith's atmospheric music completes the appeal of this beautifully crafted show, deeply satisfying for young and old alike.

By: Brian Cooper

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