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Virtual Puppetry School and Online Courses

Virtual Puppetry School and Online Courses

PuppetSoup offers online puppetry courses and workshops to both adults and children as part of our growing ‘virtual puppetry school’.


We offer fun and engaging courses and workshops for groups, schools, educational institutions and for individuals interested in learning a new craft or expanding their knowledge of puppetry. We offer affordable private one to one tuition which can fit in with your schedule and also run group courses that you can sign up for and be part of.

Online Class

Our online courses include a variety of puppet making workshops, performance courses, regular classes and engaging lectures.


These are in addition to our face to face workshops. Our online puppetry school allows people from all locations around the world to learn about puppetry with bespoke and professional tutoring from qualified and experienced professionals.

About PuppetSoup as Online Puppetry Teachers


PuppetSoup are friendly, fun and experienced teachers who are fully insured and enhanced DBS checked.

We regularly teach in schools, universities and to groups and run regular one to one classes both online and face to face. We are experienced at working with different age groups and a whole range of abilities and disabilities. 

Both Directors of PuppetSoup have over 15 years of experience teaching and performing puppetry and both hold Honours degrees specifically in Puppetry from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Both have multiple five star reviews and have won awards for their work. They are experienced at planning and delivering online courses and offer a mix of blended learning including academic and practical tutoring. You can be assured that you are hiring seasoned professionals who can deliver a quality experience when you book an online puppetry workshop with PuppetSoup.

Who do you offer puppetry classes online to?


We offer online puppetry classes to adults, children, groups and educational institutions.


Where do you offer classes from and which countries do your online puppetry courses cover?


We are based in Wales, UK however we offer our online classes to students from all English and Portuguese speaking countries including Canada, Australia, The United States, Brazil, South Africa, Portugal, India, The Caribbean and many more countries besides.  

If you are able to speak English or Portuguese we can provide you with online puppetry training. 


How do different time zones affect my online puppet making workshops?


We will work with you to create a schedule that suits both of our time zones. Our online puppetry courses and lectures have included people from Australia, Brazil and the USA so we are used to working with different time zones! 


How long is each online session and how long does each course take?

Our online courses range from an hour to several weeks of tutoring depending on your course or workshop. Online puppetry classes can be delivered in smaller blocks such as 2 hour slots to ensure you can fit it in with your schedule and don’t get screen fatigue.  If you prefer to take longer classes this is also fine. We are completely flexible and tailor the schedule to be mutually agreeable.


How do the classes work?  Do you send me videos or is it live?

Our online puppetry courses are live and held over Zoom.  You will have face to face tutoring over the internet which will include well planned lessons, demonstrations, live instruction, screen sharing (to see slideshows, pictures or videos) and of course the opportunity to talk through all your questions. You will also receive appropriate course material such as reading extracts, copies of slide shows and written notes.


What puppet making and performance workshops are available online?

Many of our puppetry courses, classes, workshops and lectures are available online. Please look through our workshops page where you can find more information on some of our courses.


We have a dedicated courses website at where you can find out even more about our courses and virtual puppetry school.


As all of our courses are completely designed to fit around you, if you cannot find the course you are looking for please do get in touch to discuss what you would like to learn, make or do.


Do I require any tools to take an online puppet making course?

This will depend on the course you select.  There are puppet making courses that require very few tools and others that require quite a few tools! If you are worried about not having the right tools to do an online puppet making workshop, just get in touch and we can work together to see which course is right for you.


All of our online puppet making workshops are completely designed around your requirements so the best thing is to email us with your details after having a look at some of our courses and classes.

We look forward to teaching you at our online puppetry school!

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