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New International Puppetry Festival and Collaboration!

New International Puppetry Festival and Collaboration!

PuppetSoup are delighted to announce that we have been commissioned by the British Council Wales to partner with the amazing Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop in Pakistan to create a NEW puppetry festival and online events during 2022!

We are so excited to develop this brilliant new Partnership and are pleased to announce that the first ‘Create International Puppetry Festival’ will take place in October 2022!

Rafi Peer are an established Puppetry Theatre company in Pakistan providing theatre, puppetry, arts, crafts, workshops and collaborations right across the globe.

We are excited to be partnering in this international collaboration to bring you a range of masterclasses, new digital puppetry collaborations and an exciting new festival for 2022.

This year our masterclasses and festival will be of particular benefit to educators as well as puppeteers wishing to utilise puppetry in creative new ways. We aim to bring an exciting range of speakers, makers, panellists, performers and educators together for a wonderful set of exciting digital events that can be accessed across the globe.

We wish to thank the British Council Wales for contacting and commissioning us to take part in this exciting collaboration. Rafi Peer and Ourselves at PuppetSoup look forward to bringing you updates on our exciting range of events.

Please do visit our Create Puppetry Festival Website to find out more and sign up for updates.

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