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University Workshops

University Workshops


PuppetSoup offers a wide variety of puppetry workshops for colleges and universities.

We are friendly, fun and experienced teachers who are fully insured and enhanced DBS checked.

About PuppetSoup as teachers of Puppetry


We regularly teach at universities and at colleges including The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London and Brighton Puppetry School.  PuppetSoup offers face to face and online classes and lectures to universities, adults, schools and groups.

We are experienced at working with different age groups and a whole range of abilities.

We are able to offer academic and practical training in puppetry and the related arts forms.

Both Directors of PuppetSoup have over 15 years of experience teaching and performing puppetry and both hold Honours degrees specifically in Puppetry from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. 


You can be assured that you are hiring seasoned professionals who can deliver a quality experience to your students.

Puppetry Courses, Classes, Workshops and Lectures for your University


Puppetry is an artform that encompasses all other artforms and can help people develop their creativity, dexterity, oracy, literacy and decision making abilities. Universities may find puppetry a useful tool for team building, extending arts and drama training or utilise puppetry as a tool for dealing with particular issues such as discrimination or hate crime. PuppetSoup are able to offer comprehensive, well planned lessons and lectures and are experienced tutors of the puppetry arts.


Our workshops, classes and lectures can be tailored to fit in with your curriculum, so let us know what your students are learning about at the moment and we will ensure the workshop meets their learning outcomes.


PuppetSoup can provide all the materials required for making puppets and our courses and workshops can range from an hour to multiple days. We can even offer weekly classes through a whole term or longer if your university would like a long term partnership or project..


All of our workshops are completely designed around your requirements so the best thing is to email us with your class numbers, requirements and budget and we can help arrange the most appropriate puppetry workshop or lecture for your institution.

A selection of some of the puppetry courses and lectures available to your University


A few of the lectures and workshops we could provide to your university could include:


Lectures focused on a particular areas of puppetry including demonstration and workshop if required - Lectures can focus on specialist areas such as ‘The Brazilian Art of Teatro Lambe Lambe’, ‘Table Top’ or ‘Bunraku’ puppetry, ‘Puppetry and Health Care’ or ‘Using Puppetry Within Applied Theatre’. Lectures and demonstrations can be carried out online with online workshops also available.

Practical Workshops as part of a theatre or drama degree - PuppetSoup are able to provide practical workshops underpinned by academic principles for Drama and Theatre students.

Puppet Making to compliment a University show or production - Workshops can include puppet making, puppetry performance or puppetry manipulation skills. 

Technical Theatre – Sound Design, Set Design, Light Design, Costume Design –

Tailored workshops specific to puppetry or generalised to drama departments or shows.

Shadow Puppetry – Make, play and perform beautiful advanced shadow puppets – 

This course can also be delivered online.

Object Theatre Performance Workshop – Create and perform with puppets from everyday life objects.  An engaging workshop that finds life in all objects.

Micro Theatre Construction (Teatro Lambe Lambe or ‘Theatre for One’) – Create a beautiful micro theatre and puppets. Design and make your own theatre from found objects, recycled materials or dedicated craft materials.


There is also a longer advanced course similar to this studying in depth the Brazilian art of Teatro Lambe Lambe.  Please see the links below to find out more about this excellent course. This course can also be delivered online.  

Puppet Design – Professional lessons in designing puppets and their mechanisms. Get expert tuition in puppetry design. This course can also be delivered online. 

Performance coaching – Individual coaching for the aspiring theatre performer or for groups studying theatre or puppetry. Suitable for Drama school audition coaching.

Puppet Making from Recycled Materials - Participants learn advanced techniques to reuse their recycled materials to make fantastic puppets and help the environment.

This course can also be delivered online.

Puppetry Play in a day - A very special whole day workshop where PuppetSoup works with your group to make a range of puppets and then perform a puppetry play at the end of the day.

Online classes with optional pre-made puppet making packs sent to your University -  PuppetSoup are experienced online teachers, ensuring that participants stay engaged through an exciting and fun filled online puppet making workshop. Your University has the option for every person to receive a hand made puppet making pack from PuppetSoup (sent to your institution in advance of the course).


The participants are then taken through designing, assembling and decorating their puppet. Academic lectures can accompany online puppet making courses.

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