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Bespoke puppets, set design, commissions
Bespoke puppets, set design, commissions

This is for professional companies, artists, pantomime groups, amateur dramatics groups, teachers and anyone needing to have a prop or puppet tailor made for their work.

The PuppetSoup team are happy to help you to materialise your design and / or help you to create a design from an idea.

Please email us with your ideas and we can discuss the time and costs for the project.

Please be aware we aim to pay at least equity minimum wage rates to everyone working under the PuppetSoup banner, so please consider the daily costs of having someone work exclusively on construction for you and the additional costs of materials for this.


All our puppets and sets are unique, bespoke and professionally made.

Please expect a very basic bespoke puppet to start at least £300 (2 - 3 days work plus materials and workshop usage).

Any puppets or set made will need to be created with a contract of use to specify their permitted usage and acknowledge credits (eg - puppet to be used for teaching, puppet to be given as a gift, puppet to be used in children’s touring theatre, puppet to be used for a TV advert etc etc).

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