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Glove Puppet Making Workshops for Children

Glove Puppet Making Workshops for Children

Available as a face to face course or as an online class.


Suitable for all age groups and abilities. Can be tailored to special events, the school curriculum or the time of year such as Christmas, Easter or Diwali.

PuppetSoup offers a wide variety of puppetry workshops for children but our glove puppet making workshop is an excellent choice for a fun and achievable workshop that nearly all age groups and children of all abilities can participate in.

About PuppetSoup as teachers of Puppetry


PuppetSoup are friendly, fun and experienced teachers who are fully insured and enhanced DBS checked. We teach every week in schools and also offer fun online classes to all age groups. We are experienced at working with different age groups and a whole range of abilities and disabilities. 


Both Directors of PuppetSoup have over 15 years of experience teaching and performing puppetry and both hold Honours degrees specifically in Puppetry from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. You can be assured that you are hiring seasoned professionals who can deliver a quality experience when you book a puppetry workshop with PuppetSoup.

About Puppetry workshops


Puppetry is an artform that encompasses all other artforms and can help young people develop their creativity, dexterity, oracy, literacy and decision making abilities. Glove puppet making is a fun and enriching experience for the participants.


Our glove puppet making workshops can be tailored to fit in with your requirements or curriculum so let us know what your group of children are learning about at the moment and we will ensure the workshop meets your learning outcomes!  Our glove puppet workshops also make a great end of term activity for your school as they are fun, memorable and educational or a fantastic holiday activity or event for a special occasion.

About the glove puppet making workshop


PuppetSoup can provide all the materials required for making glove puppets. Our glove puppet making courses can last from an hour to a whole day, depending on how many children are participating and whether you would like them to perform a show at the end of the day.


The glove puppet making class can be taken either face to face or online.


All participants receive a handmade base glove (if required and based within the UK).

Materials will also be provided (if required) though we do ask that you provide felt tip pens, scissors and some other basic items..


All of our glove puppet making workshops are completely designed around your requirements so the best thing is to email us with your class or group numbers, age group and budget and we can help arrange the workshop for you.

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