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Hate Crime Awareness Week puppetry workshops with Monmouthshire and Newport Councils

PuppetSoup are excited to be working with Monmouthshire and Newport councils to provide workshops to schools for National Hate Crime awareness week.

Having worked together with Monmouthshire Council and Gwent Police to deliver the new stage show ‘Cat Town’ for Hate Crime Awareness week in 2019, PuppetSoup were keen to provide some workshops that could be delivered to schools virtually whilst performances are paused due to coronavirus.

PuppetSoup are making hundreds of handmade Covid secure puppet making packs to deliver to school children across the county, which will help children explore the subjects of difference and uniqueness.

Workshops will be delivered virtually to schools and will include the creative crafting of puppets and understandable discussion around the subject of Hate Crime Awareness and Protected Characteristics.

As a disabled led, minority managed company PuppetSoup are of course delighted to be involved with the work that Monmouthshire and Newport are doing to help raise awareness of Hate Crime and Protected Characteristics.

PuppetSoup are thankful to the council for supporting their company at a time where the arts are struggling. PuppetSoup has also been the grateful recipient of a sustainability grant from The Arts Council Wales, allowing them to keep making ‘Puppetry for Everyone’.


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