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Intensive two week puppets reskilling course for a circus artist

PuppetSoup were asked to provide an intensive two week puppetry training course for a circus artist who was reskilling towards puppet making and performance.

Over the two weeks we have provided extensive training including a tabletop puppet making course, a Teatro Lambe Lambe course, lessons in puppet manipulation and animation, object theatre sessions, performance sessions, show development assistance and even gave our student the chance to perform a scratch show in front of some friendly local children.

The two weeks were highly intensive - each day ran from 10am - 6pm or later and every day was full of all of the challenges and excitement that exploring puppetry in an intensive way brings.

Our student had chosen to look at reskilling in puppetry as an alternative and additional career route to performing in the circus. She learned a wide variety of puppet making and performance skills and completed the course with a working Teatro Lambe Lambe, a fully made tabletop puppet and an extensive repertoire of new performance skills in addition to a scratch stage show with will be developed further in the coming months.

If you are interested in courses, workshops or reskilling in puppetry please look at our workshops page.

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