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Summary of topics of research, Day Two - Arthur the Bear King

Some of the questions that we have become concerned with through discussion are:

Who is Arthur? Who is the Welsh Arthur? How does Arthur relate to Wales and to the Welsh people? What lessons can we learn from Arthur’s life and what parallels are there to be drawn between the life of Arthur and other historical and political figures?

For day two of the research we spent time again looking at books, online articles and collecting information and forming more questions from academic research. We looked at the meanings of different names of the characters and started to consider what the audience would expect if going to see a piece on Arthur and also to consider what different age groups may or may not know of the Arthurian legends.

The Arthurian legends are vast and encompass a huge amount of storytelling so we are seeking to look at Arthur in two stages : his childhood and is adulthood.

As a child and in his formative years he would have needed to have learned the basic lessons that would provide him with a grounding and perspective on life. We began to consider as a group, if you had to teach your child just THREE lessons which would they be?

Our personal answers varied between, love, wisdom, courage, bravery, honesty, self belief, neighbourly consideration and self sacrifice.

We came to considering these through the vastness of the Arthurian legends and contemplating what key messages we may want to source from them are.

Day two also included a trip to Llanbedr Church, discussion of aesthetics and sourcing what has artistically come before this version of Arthur in film, theatre and in English and

Welsh text.


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