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Teatro Lambe Lambe Puppetry Group Course Online Group Course suitable for USA, Canada and UK times!

PuppetSoup are delighted to offer a group Teatro Lambe Lambe Puppetry course this November and December for participants in the USA, Canada, UK and beyond!  PuppetSoup are very excited to be partnering with the National Capital Puppetry Guild to not only offer this course in the USA but also offer two scholarship places on the course!  

Join award winning Brazilian puppeteer and maker, Fagner Gastaldon of PuppetSoup, and learn how to create and build a “Teatro Lambe Lambe” in this inspiring online puppetry course. 

Develop a unique and portable puppetry performance and construct a magical theatre box, miniature theatre world and fantastic micro puppets in this innovative puppetry workshop.

Begin a fascinating journey of exploration and learn how to build a fully working Teatro Lambe Lambe from your own design!

Learn the Brazilian art of Teatro Lambe Lambe Puppetry with the UK's leading specialist in the subject, Fagner Gastaldon of PuppetSoup. 

Timings are suitable for students in the USA, Canada, the UK and beyond!

12pm (Midday) Eastern Standard Time (USA)  / 5pm GMT (U.K)

November 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd,  December 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th

  “Described by artist Álvaro Apocalypse as “A última grande invenção do teatro de animação no mundo,” or “The last great invention of animation theatre in the world,” Teatro Lambe Lambe is a form of puppetry or shape animation that takes place inside a confined but easily transportable space, usually a box placed on a tripod that, normally, one spectator would watch at a time.  Each play or show is traditionally short, usually two to five minutes in length and a whole variety of techniques and tricks are used within these miniature theatres to offer spectators the full variety of puppet art, just on a smaller scale!”

Teatro Lambe Lambe (sometimes referred to as ‘theatre for one’) is a Brazilian form of puppetry that our Director, Fagner Gastaldon specialises in performing and has taught extensively. This course offers you the unique opportunity to learn the art and craft of Teatro Lambe Lambe Puppetry with one of the puppeteers who was in Brazil for the start of this puppetry movement, and has performed Teatro Lambe Lambe for over twenty years.  The course will run over four weekends (8 days) in November and December and timings will be set at Midday EST (Eastern Standard Time) allowing students from the USA, Canada, the UK and beyond to learn the art of Teatro Lambe Lambe Puppetry with convenient timings, especially for the winter months!   The course will be run online and each session will consist of 2-3 hours of group tuition, in a small group, where you will receive lots of personal tutoring and guidance to make your own Teatro Lambe Lambe.

“You will receive expert tutoring in the history, heritage and techniques of Teatro Lambe Lambe and then go on to learn how to design and build a fully working Teatro Lambe Lambe, and make the miniature puppets to be performed within it.  You will work towards creating a show ready to be performed. You will receive tuition in all aspects of making and performing Teatro Lambe Lambe from how to design and make the theatrical box, staging, set design and construction, puppet design, puppet construction and of course, tuition in performance and advice on your show.”

We look forward to welcoming you to the amazing world of Teatro Lambe Lambe!

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