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Puppets at Chester Zoo

Teatro Lambe Lambe
Puppet Theatre at the Zoo!
PuppetSoup were delighted to have been commissioned by Chester Zoo to make two new Teatro Lambe Lambe Puppetry shows for the special season of activities and storytelling at the Zoo!

We created two new pieces of Teatro Lambe Lambe theatre and performed them over May Bank Holiday weekend to hundreds of visitors at the Zoo.

PuppetSoup also provided workshops for over 120 children who made wonderful bird puppets with their family groups.

Lambe lambeBridges.jpg
The two pieces of puppet theatre made for Chester Zoo are called ‘Crossings’ and ‘Bridges’ and are made in the very special format of Teatro Lambe Lambe which is a form of puppetry from South America which allows one person to watch a show at a time, with each show lasting around three minutes.

This very personal form of miniaturised theatre is of course a form of puppetry that PuppetSoup specialises in with our founder originally being from Brazil himself.

The new show ‘Bridges’ is inspired by the important work that Chester Zoo is undertaking to protect Orangutans in the wild in Borneo, and Chester Zoo’s collaboration with the Hutan Project.  In this miniaturised piece of puppet theatre you get a window into the world of our beautiful miniature orangutan puppet that is only 10cm tall. Experience the jungle that our Orangutan lives in and see how despite deforestation, humans can still play a helpful role in building bridges to safety for these wonderful creatures.


PuppetSoup’s new piece of Teatro Lambe Lambe theatre, ‘Crossings’ , was inspired by the ‘Anteaters and Highways project’ that Chester Zoo runs in Brazil with Bandeiras and Rodovias.  In this comical piece of puppetry we see a miniaturised Giant Anteater desperate to cross a busy road and all the antics of the Ant that lives on the other side. Will they meet and become friends? You will have to watch our show to find out!

These exciting new miniature puppet shows will be filmed and available through the Chester Zoo education portal to help engage children and young people with the important work that Chester Zoo does all across the world to prevent extinction.

If you would like these puppet shows to visit your zoo, venue or location they are now available to book so please do get in touch if you would like to have these special miniature theatres at your event!

To find out more about the Hutan Project in Borneo please click HERE and if you would like to find out more about the Anteaters and Highways project please click HERE.

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