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***** 5 STARS “this enthralling epic reaches wonderful denouement.”

from The Stage Newspaper

School Bookings

School Bookings

Shows and Workshops for your school

A 5***** Multi Award winning theatre company

Bringing the highest quality theatre and workshops to your school and your students.


Provided by friendly multi award winning professionals.

We understand you are running a school on a tight budget with a demanding schedule. We endeavour to enhance the school experience and not complicate it for children or teachers!

  • A Stunning Show that brings the look and feel of a full scale theatre production into your school!

  • Puppet Making Workshops

  • Technical and set tour

  • Post show ‘meet the puppets’

All schools packages can include:

Here is a video from the Community Channel about our current school and rural touring work.
Outcomes for your school

  • Engaging young people with theatre makers and the arts

  • Enhancing arts and technology education

  • Packages tailored to your curriculum requirements

  • Forging bonds in your community

  • Strengthening children's belief that anything is possible…

  • A fantastic experience that your school will remember for years to come

Why book PuppetSoup?

PuppetSoup are highly trained, multi award winning theatre professionals with a reputation for bringing high quality, five star theatre to a wide variety of venues, including schools.

We are experienced, professional, friendly and fun!

All cast and crew are fully DBS checked and insured.

We have represented major organisations such as the NHS, Arts Council Wales, Welsh Government and the RSPB but still don’t mind getting changed in the broom cupboard!

Curriculum requirements can be integrated in the workshops.

PuppetSoup are experienced in working with projects such as the Night Out “Young Promoters” scheme and across a broad demographic of students.


All you need to do

  • Pick a show

  • Suggest a date

  • Make a booking

  • Invite your audience

  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

TOP TIP! Some schools enjoy selling tickets to family and friends to raise funds.


Children co-ordinating a raffle or selling refreshments after the show is also popular as a fund raiser. Young people can gain a lot from helping to organise the event.


More information on what we provide:

 Your Choice of Show
  • A 5***** star theatre experience suitable for children and adults in your venue! We provide all sound and light equipment as well as fully insured and DBS checked cast and technical crew. All you need to provide is a clean empty space with electric.

  • Blackout is preferable and mats and seats are useful! We will confirm all timings and measurements with you well in advance of the show day!

Puppet making workshops

Normally for one class or up to 35 children for about an hour. Children are taught to make puppets from recycled materials and this can be linked to the curriculum if required!


All you need to do is ask the children to bring clean recycling materials from home to be used for making puppets or collect some from around the school!

Technical and set tour 

Usually for children who have taken part in the workshops, we will give an introductory talk and tour about the technical aspects of theatre such as lighting, sound and design. They will be shown around the set and we will explain how we made the show and answer any questions the children or teachers have.

Post show ‘meet the puppets’ for the audience and children

After the show we are happy for the audience to meet the cast and the puppets and to take some selfies if they would like to!

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