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Puppet Workshops made just for you

Puppet Workshops made just for you

At PuppetSoup we believe that you should be able to learn puppetry at your own pace and study the areas of puppetry that interest you the most. 


Whether you are an individual adult learner, a leader of a community group or a teacher looking for a puppetry workshop to compliment a part of your curriculum, we feel it is important that our puppetry courses are tailored just for your needs whilst remaining fun, affordable and professional.

Puppetry classes tailored to your requirements


Our puppetry workshops are completely bespoke meaning you can pick from our existing offering of courses which can be adjusted to your circumstances or needs, or you can contact us and we will devise a workshop suitable for your requirements.

Adult Puppetry Workshops


Our adult puppetry courses have existing established structures to ensure your learning outcomes, such as our tabletop puppet making workshop or our very popular Teatro Lambe Lambe (theatre for one) course.  However even our existing workshops are always adjusted to your needs in regards to timing, aesthetics and the way you prefer to learn.  

Find out more about our adult courses and workshops   

Children’s Puppetry Workshops

Our children’s puppetry classes are flexible and fun and we always work with the abilities that the young people have whilst encouraging the growth of their creativity.  We are understanding of different ways of learning and endeavour to tailor every course for young people to the individual or group’s requirements.

Find out more about our children’s puppetry workshops.

Online Puppetry Courses


PuppetSoup offers online puppet making and manipulation courses through our ‘Virtual Puppetry School’. Our live online classes can be taken from any location around the world and are tailored to your requirements and learning preferences.  Classes can be for groups or on a ‘one to one’ basis.  Online classes are a convenient and comprehensive way to learn about puppetry from your location.

Find out more about how our online classes work.

Dedicated Courses Website


PuppetSoup has a dedicated Puppetry Courses website and online school - visit to find out more about the range of classes we offer or visit our workshops page to get a flavour of the workshops you can take part in.


Welcoming you to explore puppetry with PuppetSoup


PuppetSoup wants to share our experience and knowledge of puppetry with you, so that we can all grow together as a puppetry community so that we can make ‘Puppetry. For Everyone.’


All of our puppet making and manipulation workshops are completely designed around your requirements so the best thing is to email us with your details after having a look at some of our courses and classes.


We look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful world of exploring puppetry!

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