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Unicorn Children's Theatre London
Providing workshops for The Unicorn Children's Theatre, London

PuppetSoup have provided day long and week long workshops for the Unicorn Children’s Theatre in London for several years. The Unicorn Theatre is a flagship theatre in the heart of London especially for children and young people.


The week long ‘Puppet Play in a Week’ is an innovative scheme where PuppetSoup works at the Unicorn with a group of children for a whole week. During this time the children make all the sets and puppets for a big stage show that they write, devise and then perform themselves!


Through the week PuppetSoup teaches a variety of puppetry and performance techniques, helps with devising a script and a show, teaches about set design, lighting and sound design and assists the young people in making a variety of puppets, masks and sets to perform with.


The week includes making giant puppets, shadow puppets, glove puppets, recycled puppets and giving young people the opportunity to perform their own show and make their own decisions on their artistic choices.


The Unicorn Theatre is a pioneer in arts for young people and the whole team at the Unicorn support the workshops extensively offering expertise and assistance to bring young people’s work to the big stage. 

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